The Lighthouse wood engraving

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These wood engravings are laser etched onto live edge natural pine boards. The back features engravings of the Leviathan Artworks logo, title of the piece, and my signature. 

Due to the nature of live edge boards, every piece is slightly different in size and have unique characteristics to the grain and the bark on the edges. Some boards have darker spots of grain, which causes the engraving to be darker in that area. This is another feature that aids in making each piece one of a kind. 

The boards range from ~9.5 inches to ~10.5 inches wide, are 13 inches tall, and are 5/8 of an inch thick. The artwork is 12 inches tall. The back of the board also features a sawtooth hanger for easy wall display. 

*Shipping times may vary with this item. These boards take hours to engrave, so only so many can be made in a given time. I will try to ship them within the normal time frame, but be aware the circumstances could cause them to take longer to ship. If you have questions or concerns please contact me.

**Due to the unique nature of this product returns are not accepted.