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Scarecrows have been used for well over 2500 years, with Egyptian and Greek records showing how they protected their wheat fields. In the 1800s immigrants from Europe, such as the Germans who settled in Pennsylvania, built human-like scarecrows that they called “bootzamon”, or bogeyman. It seems that scarecrows are much more successful at scaring people, however, than the intended target of various animals. The immobile, unnatural and corpse-like human form of a scarecrow is inherently creepy, so it’s no surprise they became a staple of Halloween and scary stories. As horror films began using them as monsters, they became more popular in pop culture and people started making them even scarier and haunting for the fun of it.

 Scarecrow is an original hand-carved linocut, and the design is printed using water based discharge ink and hand-printed on a light weight, 100% cotton shirt. 

 Size (unisex fit) Width (inches) Length (inches)
Small 18.25 27
Medium 20.25 28
Large 22.25 29
XL 24.25 30
XXL 26.25 31