The Magician tank

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The Magician is numbered one, which is the number of new beginnings and opportunities. His positioning implies that of “as above, so below”,  and represents his connection to the material and spiritual realms, with one hand pointed down to earth, and the other up towards the heavens. With this he creates and manifests his goals within the physical realm. Before him are the four suits of Tarot (sword, cup, pentacle, and wand), which represent the four elements (earth, water, fire, and air), and he brings you these tools to help you manifest your dreams into reality. So when you see his card, it is your call to action to bring your dreams, ideas, and desires to fruition.

The Magician is an original hand-carved linocut, and the design is printed using water based discharge ink and hand-printed on a heavy weight, 100% cotton shirt. 

 Size (unisex fit) Width (inches) Length (inches)
Small 18.25 27
Medium 20.25 28
Large 22.25 29
XL 24.25 30
XXL 26.25 31