The Hanged Man

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At first glance the Hanged Man appears to be being tortured and hung by his foot for some wrongdoing. However, when viewed closer it can be seen that he is in this situation by his own free will. He understands that he put himself here as a sacrifice to move forward in life, whether to repent from past actions or to consciously step back to rethink his future path. His position also allows him to see the world at a different angle, and spiritually, he sees things much differently now than most people will allow themselves to see. He knows that he must suspend action, and reflect upon things. So when you see his card take the time to slow down. Sometimes it is important to reflect upon life before lurching forward.

The Hanged Man is an original hand-carved linocut, hand-printed on Japanese kitakata paper, measuring 11 x 16 inches.