The Emperor tank

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The Emperor symbolizes a powerful leader. One where status, power, and recognition are essential. His card shows that you are also a leader, firm, but fair, and that you can organize others to help in manifesting your goals. He also reflects a system of rules and regulations, and is a problem solver. Through your own law and principles you have the ability to calmly break down any situation and resolve it. Additionally, the Emperor signifies worldly knowledge and expertise. With the experience and wisdom you have accumulated in life, you enjoy giving advice and direction to those who might benefit from it, aiding them to become just as wise and powerful as you.

The Emperor is an original hand-carved linocut, and the design is printed using water based discharge ink and hand-printed on a heavy weight, 100% cotton shirt. 

 Size (unisex fit) Width (inches) Length (inches)
Small 18.25 27
Medium 20.25 28
Large 22.25 29
XL 24.25 30
XXL 26.25 31