LIMITED RELEASE The Devil (read description*)

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*this batch of tees has the possibility of washing out slightly blotchy. Only a couple shirts were reported to have issues, so these may be fine, but there is no way to know until they are washed. In each case the customer was not concerned, but you should still know it could happen. No refunds for clearance items. Also, the medium has slight double printing at the top of the design. Contact me  if you would like more info about it.

This limited release will only be available to order from the 21st of May to the 3rd of July.

If the Devil card appears, then his hypnotic stare may already have you giving in to the darker forces around you. However, it is ultimately a choice whether or not you give in. If you choose to align with him you are choosing the path of instant gratification, but know that you may be falling into a downward spiral that will be difficult to return from. With this in mind, do you choose to break the chains that are holding you, or do you willingly dance with the Devil and live deliciously?

The Devil is an original hand-carved linocut, and the design is printed using water based discharge ink and hand-printed on a heavy weight, 90/10 cotton/poly hoodie.

 Size Body Width (inches) Full Body Length (inches) Sleeve Length (inches)
Small 21 28 24
Medium 23 29 24
Large 25 30 24
XL 27 31 24
XXL 29 32 23.5
XXXL 31 33 23